Academic and administrative supervisors of internal programs or programs sponsored by an external organization involving minors, or their designee, must complete this program registration form at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the program.

A program is an ongoing or planned event that is designed to include minors (e.g., camps, fairs, lessons, workshops, clubs, teams, projects, practices, tours, open houses, service learning), but does not include:

  • Single performances or events open to the general public that are not targeted toward minors (e.g., athletic competitions, plays, concerts)
  • Regularly scheduled classes or activities designed primarily for enrolled students who are age 16 and older
  • Placement of students, for academic credit and/or clinical or student teaching requirements, with external entities
  • Departments which have daily or very frequent involvement with minors as part of their primary mission (e.g., Admissions)
  • Faculty conducting research programs that are approved through the Westminster University Institutional Review Board (IRB) process

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Westminster University requires that a facilities use application be submitted for all events held on-campus.

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Additional Questions for Internal Programs

Academic and administrative supervisors of programs are responsible for identifying positions supervising programs within their department and for ensuring that employees in these positions receive a background screening and an annual training about protecting minors on campus.

Are background checks completed for all employees involved in this program?*
Is training completed for all employees involved in this program?*

Academic and administrative supervisors of programs are permitted to augment their staff with volunteers only when the volunteers will be supervised by an employee who has received the required background screening and training. All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Release Agreement in advance of performing a task or service on campus.

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Additional Questions for External Programs

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