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Presidential Attendance Request

Type of Event *
Date/Time of Event*
Include room numbers, floor, and parking information if needed.
Describe the set-up of the venue as it corresponds to any speaker participation (i.e. proposed seating chart, logistics for remarks, podium or lectern, lavaliere vs handheld microphone, etc.).
Describe style of dress, including what is suggested in the invitation (e.g. business attire, cocktail, etc.).
A concise statement describing the goal of the event. Include any relevant history if applicable.
Provide anticipated count as well as a general guest description (e.g. students, alumni, donors, etc.); please call out any notables.
Outline the proposed schedule of the event, highlighting the president’s participation; include anticipated times and activities. If they are speaking, list the order of speaker(s), including who will introduce them.
Provide suggested speaking points directed to speaker(s) and any messaging for key staff and volunteers.