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1. Attendance and Punctuality*
2. Motivation and Initiative*
3. Independence*
4. Dependability*
5. Verbal Clarity*
6. Writing Skills*
7. Research Skills*
8. Critical Thinking*
9. Willingness to ask for assistance when needed*
10. Knowledge of subject area at the end of the internship*
11. Research skills at the start of the internship*
12. Research skills at the end of the internship*
13. Writing skills at the start of the internship *
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For the following questions, please consider the program as a whole: your mentorship as well as other knowledge you may have of program services and activities. Your responses will help us evaluate our program according to the CAS Standards for TRIO programs. 

How would you rate the effect the McNair Scholars Program has had on your student in terms of:

Domain: Knowledge Acquisition, Integration, Construction, and Application

Dimensions: understanding knowledge from a range of disciplines; connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas, and experiences; constructing knowledge; and relating knowledge to daily life*

Domain: Cognitive Complexity

Dimensions: critical thinking; reflective thinking; effective reasoning; and creativity*

Domain: Interpersonal Development

Dimensions: realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect; identity development*

Domain: Interpersonal Competence

Dimensions: meaningful relationships; interdependence; collaboration; and effective leadership*

Domain: Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement

Dimensions: understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences; social responsibility; global perspective*

Domain: Practical Competence

Dimensions: pursuing goals; communicating effectively; technical competence; managing personal affairs; managing career development; demonstrating professionalism; maintaining health and wellness; and living a purposeful and satisfying life*