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Advisor Information

Student applicants are required to have a faculty or staff advisor. Students should have met with the Eco-Council Chair prior to completing their application and should enter the information for the advisor that was agreed upon during this meeting. Please contact if you need assistance completing this step of the application process.

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Department Approval and Oversight

Please list the department(s) that will hold the funds in the student’s name and purchase supplies and/or reimburse the student throughout the project. The department approval below should include all Westminster units that the project will affect. For example, a new permaculture garden would need to have the approval of Grounds and Maintenance, amongst others, which may be listed below in Collaborators.

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Collaborator Details

Please list any other individuals or groups you are working with below; this may include other students, faculty, staff, campus departments, or off-campus organizations. If you are working with campus departments, please attach a letter of commitment to your project from each department at the end of this application.

Project Details

Please explain your project in each of the sections below. Attach additional documents to the end of this application if necessary, including inspiration for the project, models, graphs, maps, etc. Please note that each section must be completed in order for your proposal to be considered for a grant.

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Please outline the financial aspects of your project below; attach additional files as necessary at the end of this application.
Please specify items, their cost per item, amount (when applicable), and their total costs.
Please specify the labor/service type, the cost, and the total labor and services cost.
Please specify the line item, cost, and total cost.
Please specify the line item, cost, and total cost.
Please total each section above and specify the total amount you are requesting.
Please submit any necessary documentation / files / photos / letters / approvals / etc.
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This application has been completed to the best of my ability. I understand that the Eco-Council will review my submission in the next three weeks. I will be informed of my grant status via email from the Eco-Council Chair. If I have any questions, I will email*