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We kindly ask that you submit request forms 4 weeks prior to the event. *Our design team meets on Mondays so keep this in mind when submitting request. i.e. If you submit a project on a Tuesday, it make take a week for a designer to begin your project.* Good design takes time and we would like to do an exceptional job. We do not guarantee that your request will be processed if it’s submitted within less than the specified time frame; however, depending on the time of the year, rush jobs may be a possibility.
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Please keep descriptions short (2-3 short sentences). This will be used to describe the event on advertising materials. Think from a student perspective; the description should incentivize students to attend.
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* Please note that ASW Creative reserves the right to forego a project if you, the client, submits a project too late, does not respond to necessary emails in a timely manner, or conducts themselves in such a manner that ASW Creative deems as unacceptable. You will then be responsible for any printing costs and the design.

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